This site was originally created to host a picture of my cat, Bruce, walking on money. It is now used as a blog to document Bruce’s journey of becoming the next great feline/kitty-baby astronaut. Please ignore the domain name, it was the only one left on the whole Internet.

Is Bruce the next famous Cosmeownaut?

Everyone’s first question is always: Why send Bruce to space? The answer is simple- it has been his dream since he was a tiny baby kitten boy. If that isn’t reason enough, let’s look at this endeavor from a different angle…when is the last time you’ve really been interested in space, a space launch, or space travel/exploration in general? Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Yeah, me too.

Now, when is the last time you’ve been interested in a cat? …I think you’ll find the answer is quite simple really: let’s send Bruce aka Young Purrberry to space to spark more interest in the United States Space Program. Mark Zuckerberg out here acting wild, talmbout space and shit… let’s get this boy to space, Mark! And guess what? If the US isn’t interested in sending Purry Bob Thornton to space, maybe Canada will…

(Please note: Bruce is technically banned from Canada for the next eight years as he was convicted of a DWI in 2014 that came with a very harsh 10-year-banned-from-Canada sentence…Molson Brador is not something to mess with)

Please use the hashtag #SpaceCat and let’s let NASA know how serious we are about getting Bruce aka Purr Armstrong up to the International Space Station, or at LEAST a trip to Cape Canaveral!

Follow @HeyItsKamo on Twitter for Space Cat updates

E-mail: BruceSpaceCat@gmail.com

Video updates (eventually) on YouTube and a #SpaceCat theme song is in the works

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