Space Cat Blog

Space. The final frontier. What was once the ultimate goal of man is now the ultimate goal of feline…or, kitty baby cat-cat. Join us on our journey to the stars, to boldly go where at least one cat has gone before.

But seriously, thanks for checking out the site and I hope you get something out of it, even if it’s just a laugh. Our goal here, as bold as it seems, is to send my cat, Bruce, to space. This is a very serious endeavor and I’m trying to go through every available channel to get the B-man up to the International Space Station.

Why send Bruce to space? The answer is simple: it has been his dream since he was a tiny baby kitten boy. If that isn’t reason enough, let’s look at this endeavor from a different angle- when is the last time you’ve really been interested in space, a space launch, or space travel/exploration in general? Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Yeah, me too.

Now, when is the last time you’ve been interested in a cat? …I think you’ll find the answer is quite simple really: let’s send Bruce, aka Young Purrberry, to space to spark more interest in the United States Space Program. America needs this right now and Bruce needs it even more- imagine the level of celebrity a kitty boy astronaut would garner…

Please use the hashtag #SpaceCat and let’s let NASA know how serious we are about getting Bruce aka Purr Armstrong up to the International Space Station (or at LEAST a trip to Cape Canaveral!).